Born out of a swimwear obsessed founder in an office in Stockholm, Sweden, Elsa & Rose Swimwear has now reached endless customers around the globe. 

Inspired by the beach culture of the American west coast with glimpses of our Scandinavian heritage, our designs are made to make you feel free and empowered. With the launch of our #selfloveclub panties collection, we are also introducing recycled materials into our product range.

We believe in the fact that all women should feel comfortable in their skin, no matter what body shape they have. Working only with models that have a healthy BMI is something that is fundamental to our core beliefs.

Spreading the love of swimwear starts with spreading the love of your own body. That is also why we donate to international foundations against eating disorders. For more info, don't hesitate to send us an email. 


/Elsa & Rose Team 

Say hi: customercare@elsaandrose.com